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Meet Jessica, a fun loving mother of two and founder of BubbleGum Barbie Shop. Jessica spent her early career as a model appearing in some of your favorite magazines, movies, and television shows. After having their first daughter, Jessica turned her focus towards being an amazing mother and wife. Over the last ten years her days have been filled with trips to the grocery store, school pickups and when she can find a spare moment, pilates classes. Like most moms on the go Jessica seemed to always be sporting a t-shirt and leggings. But her years in the industry drove Jessica to want more stylish but still comfy Tees to wear while busting out her daily routine. Her drive to find cute and fun clothing sparked her to create her first entrepreneurial venture. BubbleGum Barbie Shop is your one stop shop for designer inspired tees, tumblers, and more! Join this amazing mom’s journey to make #momlife a bit more glamorous and alot more fun!

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